Fiberglass Pools – Style and Durability in One

Internationally, fiberglass pools are the most popular pool design choice by far. This has caused some saturation in the number of pool contractors available, but the unseasoned ones will tell you fiberglass pools cannot withstand harsher environments and freezing temperatures. Even here in the Concord area that can be an issue, so Breckner Pools & Backyard Designs has made use of newer technology advancements available to provide you with your pool of choice in any climate.

Fiberglass pool shells are created at the manufacturer factory in your chosen color, so they arrive on-site ready for install once the foundation is complete. This cuts overall construction time down considerably. Fiberglass is notably a highly popular style choice, given its ease to clean, generous manufacturer warranties and simple maintenance. Compared to concrete and vinyl pools, they insulate better, resist algae growth better, and there is no need for liner replacements or resurfacing, ever.

Selecting the right pool contractor is critical when it comes to the fiberglass pool, because while all look similar and maintain their shiny look for a long time, the use of well-hidden, but subpar materials will cause issues that may not surface until 5-10 years down the road.